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KEYTRONICTrackball P2/USB Keyboard- LARGE


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KeyTronic TRACKBALL-U2 Black 104 Normal Keys USB Wired Keyboard with Integrated Trackball

The versatile KeyTronic TRACKBALL-U2 keyboard is the perfect solution for users looking to make the move to a trackball and reduce desktop clutter. It features an enhanced 104-key layout with Windows application keys for easy operation on your Windows PC. Its intergated, high-resoltuion trackball offers you smooth, precise cursor control – there is no need to purchase a separate mouse. Thanks to its center-bearing switch technology, each key offers over 20 million keystrokes life cycle for reliable peformance. Multiple colors are available.

Enhanced 104-key layout

This keyboard features an enhanced 104-key layout. It has an oversized L-shaped Enter key. The included three Windows application keys make this keyboard ideal for Windows operating system.

Integrated trackball mechanism

The built-in 25mm trackball is ergonomically located below the spacebar for convenient operation – you can move your cursor without lifting your hands from the keyboard. It features left and right mouse buttons for easy use, while its high resolution sensor (up to 260cpi) provides exceptional accuracy and flawless tracking for casual gaming and regular use. Maintenance is a snap, since the retaining ring can be easily removed for cleaning.

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