Norwood 1800joules 125v 8-Outlet


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SKU: PWR-SURGE-1800-BP Mfr Part#: SURGE-1800-BP

Norwood 1800joules 125v 8-Outlet


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Get superior power protection for your high-end electronics,
satellite and phone with the Norwood Micro 1800 Joules 125V 8-Outlet
Surge Protector!

With 1800 joules rating and eight 3-prong outlets, the
Norwood Micro 1800 Joules Surge Protector gives you maximum protection against
power surges and spikes!

The Norwood Micro 1800 Joules
Surge Protector features 125 Volts electrical rating, EMI/RFI noise filtration
and response time of less than 50 nanoseconds.
Another plus are
the mounting keyholes on the back for easy hanging!

just for home electronics, the Norwood Micro 1800 Joules Surge
offers superior protection for your satellite/cable
and phone/fax/modem line
as well!

Protect your
investments with the Norwood Micro 1800 Joules 125V 8-Outlet Surge
Protector with Phone/Coax Protection!


  • General Features:
  • Silver color
  • Eight (8) 3-prong outlets
  • Mounting key holes on back for easy hanging
  • Lighted on/off switch
  • Grounded and surge protection indicator light
  • Rotate safety cover for each outlet
  • Phone/fax/modem protection
  • Coaxial protection
  • Circuit breaker switch
  • 3-feet power cord

  • Specifications:
  • 1800 Joules
  • Electrical rating:

    • 15 AMPS
    • 125 VOLTS
    • 1875 WATTS

  • Lines including surge protection: L-N, L-G, N-G
  • Clamping voltage: 330 Volts
  • Maximum Spike Current: 15,000 AMPS
  • Response time: less than 50 nanoseconds
  • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: up to 52dB from 100kHz to 50

  • Coax/phone jacks:

    • Satellite coax in
    • Satellite coax out
    • Cable TV coax in
    • Cable TV coax out
    • Phone/fax/modem in jack
    • Phone/fax/modem out jack

  • Unit Dimensions
  • 10.5 x 4.5 x 1.0-inches (H x W x D,

  • Regulatory Approvals:
  • UL Listed
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SURGE-1800-BP

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